4. Run Like a Ninja

running ninja

Here are some tips to help you learn how to run like a Ninja using Edo Period techniques.

1. Walk as much as possible on your tiptoes (2 weeks)

2. Walk with your arms and legs swinging in unison.

3. Edo Period Walking Style (ideally to be done barefoot) (2 weeks)

At this stage your body should be prepared for the following more strenuous practice techniques:

4. Michi- chidori

5. Chidori - kuruma *2km at max per day (2 weeks)

6. Gradually increase running distance

7. If you get used to running 10km in the Chidori style,
try another one such as Shin, Gyo, Shichitai, Kataashi-yasume etc.

8. If you master the Shin running style, increase speed and distance.

Try to match the best Ninja: 16km per hour (1km: 3:45”)

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